Hot seat watch: 3 NFL coaches who shouldn't survive Week 1

Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada
Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 2 NFL coach on the hot seat: DC Alan Williams

Matt Eberflus doesn't want to be on the hot seat in Chicago, so he needs to pick a scapegoat quickly because someone has to bear the blame for that Week 1 performance against the Packers.

Green Bay was supposed to be diminished without Aaron Rodgers. They were supposed to be vulnerable with Jordan Love taking over at quarterback. Instead, the Packers made the Bears look like their little brothers again with a beatdown that was worse than the final score of 38-20 reveals.

Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy's game plan wasn't very impressive in this one. The Bears offense has limitations that can't be denied. But when the defense gives up 38 points to a first-year starter rivals spent the offseason clowning, the defensive coordinator has to end up under a microscope. Allen Williams, come on down.

The defense gave up three touchdowns to Love, who was hardly pressured. They got gashed by Aaron Jones. Simply put, Williams' defense was thoroughly outcoached by Matt LaFleur's offense.

Eberflus is a defense-minded head coach so he's certainly not innocent in any of this.