How long is the Super Bowl?

It's just the first quarter and you're already asking this question? Oh boy... Strap in for a long night.

Super Bowl LVIII - Previews
Super Bowl LVIII - Previews / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

How long an average Super Bowl?

It is unfortunately impossible to give an accurate, exact answer to how long any given NFL Super Bowl will be. All NFL games can be slowed or stopped for any number of unscheduled reasons, most commonly injuries, officiating reviews, and potential overtime if the game is tied at the end of four quarters.

That said, most games from kickoff to finality have clocked in at a shade under four hours. Keep in mind, there are a number of scheduled reasons for the game to take a while: Commercial breaks, halftime, and timeouts coaches can use.

The total clock time on an NFL game is one hour (four 15 minute quarters) but the clock stops for various reasons leading to a much longer total game time.

Longest Super Bowl ever

Remember that weird year that the lights went out at the Super Bowl? That was XLVII, played in New Orleans between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, coached by two brothers: Jim and John Harbaugh.

The momentum completely shifted after the power outage that caused the Superdome's lights to go out as well, with the Ravens looking dominant from the start but the Niners rallied back. Baltimore held onto its lead and wound up winning. The total stoppage time was over half an hour due to the issue with the lights.

In all, the longest game's duration was four hours and 14 minutes.

Shortest Super Bowl ever

Despite being one of the largest comebacks featuring some of the marquee moments and plays in Super Bowl history, XLIV between the Saints and Colts was only three hours and 14 minutes long, a full hour shorter than the longest.

What time is halftime of the Super Bowl?

This is, again, not a question that can be answered with precision. Expect it to hit about an hour and a half after kickoff, but it could be slightly earlier or later. Maybe it helps that THE WHO put on an incredibly efficient 12-minute halftime show.

How long is the Super Bowl halftime?

Halftime for the Super Bowl is 25-30 minutes, with about half of that being the musical performance (this year: Usher). It's about double the length of the normal regular season/playoff halftimes.