How to watch Louisville vs. Georgia Tech without ESPN on Spectrum

Louisville Cardinals running back Trey Smith
Louisville Cardinals running back Trey Smith / Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

A dispute over potential fee hikes has disrupted the start of college football season for viewers across the country who get their cable through Spectrum.

All Disney-owned channels including ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and others were blacked out on Spectrum on Thursday night because Disney and Spectrum could not come to an agreement over carriage fees.

Disney claims they're after "fair, market-based rates and terms." Spectrum claims the increase in fees to broadcast channels like ESPN is "excessive" and would lead to hikes for customers.

For college football fans, what ultimately matters is that channels that are supposed to be broadcasting college football matchups like Friday night's Louisville vs. Georgia Tech game aren't available.

What channel is Louisville vs. Georgia Tech on?

Unfortunately for Spectrum cable customers, the game between Louisville and Georgia Tech is on ESPN.

That means fans of either team, or neutrals looking to tune in to some Friday night college football action, will have to find alternate ways to watch if they normally rely on Spectrum.

How to watch Louisville vs. Georgia Tech without ESPN on Spectrum

Now is a good time to sign up for Fubo TV with their free trial. Fubo has ESPN available through their app so you can watch on your phone, computer, smart TV or streaming device.

Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu+Live TV also carry ESPN.

So there are options for Spectrum customers but most will require either a subscription or access to a free trial.

Otherwise, call up a friend with a different television service provider or head to your local sports bar to watch.

Hopefully this will all end in time to not get in the way of Saturday's college football action. If it does continue, at least now you know where to go to tune in to game on Saturday.

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