3 key moves the Indiana Pacers still need to make at the NBA Trade Deadline

After trading for Pascal Siakam, the Indiana Pacers seem to have a bright future. Still, the team needs to make other moves in order to solidify their run.

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The Indiana Pacers are already on their way to being in contention for a run to the finals for the next couple of years after trading for Pascal Siakam. Still, the squad probably needs to make a few tweaks with the log jam at the power-forward spot. Also, the franchise still needs to resolve a situation with a veteran who hasn't been able to agree to a long-term extension.

3. Buddy Hield heads to the bright lights of New York

One trade that this franchise could make is trading Buddy Hield to the New York Knicks for Evan Fournier. The Pacers would also be able to get Quentin Grimes in the deal and would also get some first-round picks in the deal. Indiana would probably end up with one of the Mavericks' 2024 first-round pick or the 2025 Bucks first-round pick that New York is owed. This would help recover some draft capital for the picks they sent out in exchange for Siakam.

Of course, the Pacers could be able to get a contract extension done with Hield. Last season, it seemed like Myles Turner was on his way out of Indiana but then the franchise got an extension done with the veteran. But if Hield isn't going to re-sign they have to get something before he leaves as a free agent.

The New York Knicks would make this deal in order to get a veteran. Yes, the Knicks are looking for a backup point guard but the team could end up settling for a 3-point specialist who could help the franchise win a decisive game or two in the playoffs. No matter if New York ends up following up on this trade proposal, the Indiana Pacers will most likely look to shop Hield around the league. With that in mind, it's extremely likely that Hield won't be in a Pacer uniform by the end of the season.