3 key moves the Indiana Pacers still need to make at the NBA Trade Deadline

After trading for Pascal Siakam, the Indiana Pacers seem to have a bright future. Still, the team needs to make other moves in order to solidify their run.

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2. Obi Toppin goes to L.A for pennies on the dollar

After trading for Pascal Siakam, the Indiana Pacers have a huge log jam in the frontcourt. Siakam who is an All-NBA veteran will take over a huge chunk of the front court minutes for the squad. It has already been rumored that the Pacers are likely looking to trade some of the veterans in the frontcourt. Obi Toppin, whom the Pacers traded two second-round picks for last offseason is likely on the trade block.

Toppin has played pretty well this season but is nothing more than a backup power forward. The young veteran is hitting restricted free agency this offseason and the Pacers will need to commit Toppin for the next couple of years. At the end of the day, any franchise that trades for Toppin will not need to pay much for him.

The Lakers could be a franchise that takes a flyer on Toppin. The veteran can likely be found for cheap and L.A is looking for upgrades in their front court ahead of the trade deadline. L.A did a similar trade getting Rui Hachimura for a couple of second round picks since Washington didn't want to pay the young wing.

If the Lakers were able to get a new veteran point guard in another trade, L.A. could have a new lob partner for the entire squad going forward. A trade would be a fringe rotation player and a second-round pick. No matter what ends up happening, Obi Toppin or one of the team's other young frontcourt players will most likely be moved at the trade deadline.