3 key moves the Indiana Pacers still need to make at the NBA Trade Deadline

After trading for Pascal Siakam, the Indiana Pacers seem to have a bright future. Still, the team needs to make other moves in order to solidify their run.

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1. Pacers get rid of log-jam at big man spot with a New York trade

Another option that the Pacers could do to get rid of their log jam is trading Jalen Smith to any number of teams. Smith has a player option for next season and the veteran will most likely decline the option this offseason in search of a longer-term deal. Still, the former Sun will most likely end up with a deal that is similar to the $5 million that he commands now.

The reason why the Pacers would not want to keep Smith is because the franchise has already made a huge long-term commitment to Siakam and has Isaiah Jackson on his rookie deal for this season and the next. Since the big man is a backup big and will hit free agency this offseason, Smith will most likely not command a lot on the open market.

One team that could end up being interested in trading for Smith is the New York Knicks. Smith could be a short-term solution for Mitchell Robinson for the rest of the season. Robinson could perform a miracle and come back at the end of the regular season but it's hard to see a world where the defensive starter is in healthy shape for the playoffs.

Getting Smith for cheap might be a good option for a team that will likely have tons of second-round picks incoming via heavily protected first-round picks that are likely to convert into second-round picks.

The Knicks wouldn't need to send out any players in the deal since Smith's salary is only around 5 million dollars. New York could offer heavily protected 2024 Detroit's first-round pick and 2024 Washington's heavily protected first-round that will likely convert into second-round picks.

New York might not be interested in re-signing Smith after this season, but the price of second-round picks is certainly worth it. No matter what ends up happening, Smith will most likely be on the trading block and in a different uniform at the deadline.

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