Jalen Carter connected to Target shoplifting incident with girlfriend

Jalen Carter addressed allegations accusing him and his girlfriend of attempting to "skip scan" while shopping at a Target.

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Jalen Carter was recently questioned about the speculation surrounding an alleged incident that occurred during the Philadelphia Eagles' bye week at a Target store in Center City Philadelphia.

Jalen Carter Target shoplifting allegations: What happened?

According to SI FanNation's Eagles Today, the allegation is that the rookie defensive tackle's girlfriend inadvertently failed to scan certain items, thinking she had already done so at the checkout. Carter subsequently picked up the bags, ostensibly assuming they had been paid for, and started to leave as security approached him. He did immediately cooperate with security, with no charges being filed.

When asked about the event, Carter said, “Probably just some misunderstanding. I really don’t know too much about it."

Regrettably, the purported incident cast somewhat of a shadow over his Thanksgiving Meal Service for the Wissahickon Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia. Carter emphasized that giving back to the community holds significant importance for him.

“Growing up my mom had a daycare so every day after school I’d come to the daycare and I was one of the workers. Even though I was her son, I was one of the workers. So, just working with kids ever since I was a little kid, I just wanted to give back,” he said.

The alleged incident appears to have been an unintentional mistake, yet it perpetuates a cloud over his promising career. Many have hastily depicted Carter in a negative light.

In many drafts, Jalen Carter could have potentially been a top pick, yet due to pre-draft circumstances, he dropped to the 9th overall pick, a move the Eagles are delighted about, given his impressive rookie season.

In 2023, he has participated in eight games, forcing two fumbles, securing four sacks on seven quarterback hits, and contributing to a total of 16 combined tackles. His career shows great promise, and as he progresses, it appears he is strongly determined to pursue a Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for his help of his local community.

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