Jalen Carter in hot water for alleged taunts against 49ers OL, family

San Francisco 49ers OL Jonathan Feliciano's feud with Eagles star Jalen Carter got shockingly personal.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jalen Carter is in some hot water regarding his social media activity off the field.

San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Jonathan Feliciano claims Carter made veiled threats at both himself and his family after the two teams played this season. The rivalry between San Francisco and Philadelphia stems from the 2022-23 NFC Championship Game, of which Carter was not a part of.

When Feliciano took to Twitter to apologize to Brock Purdy for a missed block in Super Bowl 58, Carter took it as an opportunity to call out his 49ers foe.

“Same dude who spoke on my dead teammate and the reason I was emotional during out game smh,” Carter wrote on Instagram.

Eagles Jalen Carter, 49ers Jonathan Feliciano get into social media feud

Carter is referring to an event that occurred after Georgia's 2023 National Championship run, in which he and his teammate Devin Willock were racing in Carter's Jeep TrackHawk. The subsequent car accident killed both Willock and team staffer Chandler LeCroy.

Feliciano responded to Carter directly, quoting a screenshot of his comment and inserting his own narrative:

“Dude told me he was gonna murder me and my kids would never see me again 3x because I was laughing at him after getting a flag … I said I believe you you got a body. Then he continued for weeks posting my fam n reachin out to my friends,” Feliciano wrote on X on Tuesday night.

The NFL is reportedly investigating the incident, and Feliciano provided screenshots. He posted one on social media Tuesday night.

Hopefully the feud between Carter and Feliciano can end without conflict. Feliciano crossed the line when he brought up the tragic car accident which killed Carter's UGA teammate and another staffer. Carter retaliating on social media -- seemingly by bringing Feliciano's family into the equation -- should also be off-limits.