Jalen Ramsey calls out Adam Schefter, pours cold water on Dolphins injury update

Is Jalen Ramsey making his Dolphins debut this weekend?

Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey
Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Miami Dolphins got great news on Thursday night when Adam Schefter tweeted that Jalen Ramsey would make his debut on Sunday against the Patriots.

Ramsey was the biggest acquisition for the Dolphins going into the 2023 season but his offseason injury has kept him out of the lineup.

"Dolphins are planning for CB Jalen Ramsey to make his return Sunday from the knee injury that he suffered this summer, per sources. Ramsey now is expected to be back on the field three months after his knee surgery, with his Dolphins’ debut coming vs. the Patriots," Schefter tweeted.

However, Ramsey himself cast doubt on the idea he'd be available on Sunday on Twitter.

Jalen Ramsey corrects Adam Schefter over Dolphins availability vs. Patriots

"So this is why I just got a crazy amount of texts. Well, this is news to me 🤔… mfs don’t care about being right, they care about being first in today’s media. That’s sad," Ramsey tweeted.

"I’m an @AdamSchefter fan btw, so not mad at him at all for doing his job. I was just didn’t know 😂," Ramsey added.

Fortunately for the Dolphins, Ramsey did clarify that playing on Sunday isn't off the table. He just hasn't been cleared yet.

"Full transparency, there’s a CHANCE that I can play this Sunday, but that decision genuinely isn’t made yet so that is news to me just like it is to y’all lol," Ramsey tweeted. "I have to go through a whole process to feel GREAT enough to play. I won’t play if I feel any less than GREAT."

Ramsey entered his 21-day window to return from injured reserve on Oct. 18. Playing on Sunday is looking more likely than before, but it's not a sure thing.

The Dolphins are 5-2 this season without Ramsey but they're coming off a 31-17 loss against the Eagles and the defense got battered for 48 points earlier in the season against the Bills. Miami already looked like a contender. Getting the star defensive back into the lineup will only strengthen their pursuit.

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