Jayden Daniels' camp rumored to be unhappy with Commanders' bizarre group visit

The Washington Commanders may have messed up terribly when meeting with Jayden Daniels.
Jayden Daniels, LSU Tigers
Jayden Daniels, LSU Tigers / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

While it is a foregone conclusion that Caleb Williams will be the No. 1 overall pick by the Chicago Bears, it remains to be seen if Jayden Daniels will go No. 2 overall to the Washington Commanders. Williams seems to have accepted his fate in going to perpetually dysfunctional franchise. Although that may be the case for Daniels going to the Commanders, get a load of this from Adam Schefter.

Earlier in the week, the Commanders hosted a joint quarterback visit in their facilities. Daniels was joined by Drake Maye, J.J. McCarthy and Michael Penix Jr. This did not land well with Daniels' camp, as it would have been preferrable for him to have conducted his own visit with the team privately. Washington can use any of its top-30 visits how it chooses, but man, this come across as so cheap.

Up until recently, Daniels seemed like a lock to go to Washington at No. 2. That still might be the case because they could just draft him anyway. However, this move, along with other intel delivered by Shefter suggests that Daniels may want to play elsewhere. While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, he hinted his former college coach Antonio Pierce may get the Las Vegas Raiders to trade up for him.

Washington has to do its due diligence, but dysfunction never seems to get away from this franchise.

The Raiders might be the team to watch trade up with Washington to take Daniels second overall now.

Las Vegas has the No. 13 pick. Their two quarterbacks are Gardner Minshew II and Aidan O'Connell.

Jayden Daniels' camp not thrilled with Washington Commanders visit

With new ownership, a new head coach and a new general manager, the Commanders continue to be what they are. Who had eyes on this? Yes, you might be able to bring in other players at other position groups at the same time for top-30 visits, but you have to operate with more tact than this when dealing with quarterbacks. You cannot bring four alpha males into the building at the same time, man!

These kind of shenanigans are why I never fully ruled out Washington taking Maye instead of Daniels at No. 2, allowing him to fall to the New England Patriots picking at No. 3. Heck, they could even grossly reach on J.J. McCarthy with the second pick, allowing a team like the Raiders or the Minnesota Vikings to trade up for better quarterbacks prospects in Daniels and Maye over McCarthy.

As far as bringing Penix in, that suggests Washington moving back and drafting a quarterback if they were to somehow orchestrate a blockbuster trade with Las Vegas, Minnesota, the Denver Broncos or somebody else picking in the very high teens. Again, why didn't the Commanders do the smart thing and bring in each quarterback separately? Even Daniels would have been much more okay with this.

Ultimately, all this does is create a cloud of confusion picking at No. 2. This may be either by design or not. I tend to operate under Hanlon's razor quite often, which means don't mistake malice for incompetence. Dumb people gotta work somewhere. For many years, a lot of those people worked in Washington. To be honest, a lot of them still work there. All I know is Dan Quinn will be about the ball!

The 2024 NFL Draft unofficially starts on Thursday night when the Commanders are on the clock.

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