Jerry Jones bizarre Dak Prescott defense is filled with thinly-veiled shots at Cowboys QB

Jerry Jones is at it again, and, this time, he's shoving the blame on Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

It seems like no matter how good things are going, the NFL world can always count on the Dallas Cowboys ultimately screwing it up in the end. Dallas was on a tear to close the 2023 regular season, usurping the defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles as the top team in the NFC East before laying an egg against Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

The Cowboys defense actually finished fifth in the league in yards and points allowed during the regular season, but they looked like a rigatoni noodle against Green Bay, surrendering 48 points while wasting a day of 500+ yards of total offense.

Yet after the playoff exit, it is MVP candidate Dak Prescott who is the magnet for criticism, and it isn't just coming from family members of teammates or angry fans. Jerry Jones decided to take a swipe at Prescott, claiming the team only went as far as it did in the postseason -- which is literally the least distance a team can go -- because of Dak.

Jerry Jerry'ing might come at the expense of Dak Prescott...and the Dallas Cowboys franchise

It isn't fair to say that Jerry Jones is losing it, because these sorts of comments have always been him. If anything, it would be strange for him to actually make sense on a hot-button issue involving a quarterback, but, alas, Cowboys fans are familiar with a scene in which Jones overreacts to a "problem" that isn't a problem, scapegoats the organization's most visible member, and then makes drastic changes that hurt the team in the end.

Prescott finished the 2023 regular season with a 105.9 QB Rating, 36 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and a completion percentage of nearly 70. He helped Dallas put points on the board, feed their two star receivers, and avoid backbreaking errors (in most games).

But just as Tony Romo will remember, Prescott is the one getting smashed from all sides for the defense's constant collapses and for his few mistakes being put under a microscope that no other quarterback in the NFL -- not even Patrick Mahomes -- has to face.

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