Trouble in paradise: Garrett Wilson, Zach Wilson get in chippy Jets sideline argument

Jets players Zach Wilson and Garrett Wilson were spotted arguing on the sidelines of Week 3's game against the Patriots.

Garrett Wilson, New York Jets
Garrett Wilson, New York Jets / Elsa/GettyImages

Here we are again: the Jets are losing in a low-scoring game against the Patriots in Week 3. Sound familiar?

In what feels like a replay of last year's Jets-Patriots matchup, the two AFC East team's defenses are outplaying their respective offenses.

At the time of this writing, the game is heading into the final two minutes of the fourth quarter, and the Jets awere down three points in a 13-10 affair. Jets fullback Nick Bawden ran in a touchdown to give MetLife Stadium hope in these final moments of the game.

Earlier during the second half, wide receiver Garrett Wilson was seen having a little verbal spat with his quarterback, Zach Wilson. Thus far into the game, every Jets play had ended in a punt except for one field goal.

Wilson may have been yapping at his quarterback about his usage or perhaps just venting his overall frustrations. Nathaniel Hackett was seated between the two Wilsons trying to figure out how to scheme a better offensive plan.

Garrett Wilson and Zach Wilson get chippy on sidelines in Week 3 vs. Patriots

Garrett Wilson has every reason to be upset about the game, recording just four catches on seven targets for 19 yards.

Despite being the most targeted Jets player of the game, Wilson looked out of sync with his quarterback and hasn't gotten many long balls or go balls against a stingy Patriots defense.

Wilson has thrown for 126 passing yards so far and is just now getting the ball back for a last-minute game-tying or game-winning drive.

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