Jets take a definitive stance on Zach Wilson by skipping past key free agent

The Jets had a chance to boost their quarterback room, but they turned it down.

Zach Wilson, New York Jets
Zach Wilson, New York Jets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Don't ever say Robert Saleh had commitment issues.

The New York Jets head coach has not wavered on his support for quarterback Zach Wilson despite Wilson's rollercoaster of a 2023 season. Wilson has thrown for 1,600 yards and recorded five touchdowns against five interceptions through eight games.

As the former first-round pick continues to rake in controversy over his inconsistent performances, it turns out the Jets had another quarterback option; they just turned it down.

Former free agent quarterback Carson Wentz signed with the Rams in early November, and before he inked his contract in L.A., his camp reportedly checked in with the Jets first.

New York had just suffered a debilitating 27-6 loss to the Chargers that put Wilson's faults on display. Despite the offense's poor outing that game, the Jets told Wentz they were sticking with their, er, mediocre guns.

Jets rejected Carson Wentz before he signed with Rams

Wentz had fastened himself to the Jets' radar ever since Aaron Rodgers suffered his season-ending Achilles tear in Week 1.

The Jets instead chose to keep Wilson as the weekly starter, have Tim Boyle as Wilson's backup, and sign Trevor Siemian to the practice squad.

With Wentz's spotty record across his past three teams, the Jets turning down his services isn't the most ludicrous move. Wentz didn't have any experience playing under offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and may have been considered a largely underwhelming replacement for Wilson.

Given Wilson's performances of late, however, many Jets fans would concur that change is needed. Whether it's benching Wilson for a game and throwing Siemian onto the field, the Jets' offense needs to find some hidden spark to salvage its playoff hopes this year.

New York is currently 4-4 and will play the Raiders in a Week 10 primetime matchup on Sunday night.

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