Jim Harbaugh addressed suspension by being as beautifully weird as normal

It is business for usual forJim Harbaugh having to serve his second three-game suspension of the season, which includes watching Judge Judy, recanting on chickens and battling a cold of sorts.
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

Nobody does a better job on god's green earth of powering through the awkwardness than Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. You may have had an awkward moment in his presence, but not even once has the formerly nervous bird ever felt awkward in his life. It may be cringeworthy to some, but it is why Harbaugh remains one-of-one in the coaching profession. Get a load of what he said on Monday.

Although Harbaugh is suspended for a second time this year, he is back to being what he is at his core: A wackily, wonderful weirdo. Whether he is bringing his mitt to the ballpark, or a quart of his own 2-percent to a classy steakhouse, Harbaugh is going to Harbaugh no matter if the timing is right for him to Harbaugh or not. It is who he is. Love it or hate it, this man is authentic, outside of cheating...

Because he is allowed to coach up the Wolverines in practice and lead team meetings throughout the week, Harbaugh did speak with the media on Monday about what he is doing when he is not coaching in games. While his love for Judge Judy is well-documented saga, he gave us an all-timer about battling colds. "I am the iron wall that viruses bash against and shatter." He also recanted on chickens.

The man who once refused to eat chicken because they are nervous birds said that he now owns a few fowls of his own, believing they are "low maintenance and high production."

This means Harbaugh could conceivably coach noted chicken finger enthusiast Sam Howell should he ever leave Michigan to go back to the NFL and lead the Washington Commanders or something.

Jim Harbaugh is redefining what Big Ten Energy truly means at its core

Let's be real. Would you have expected anything less than that from Harbaugh at the podium? In the heart of the offseason, sure, but in the wake of a scandal that could have disastrous consequences for the Michigan program itself, Harbaugh seems rather unfazed. He knows he has an outstanding football team, one that may lose maybe a game or two this year, if at all, and be New Year's Six-caliber.

Look. We would not really care all that much about Harbaugh's inherent quirkiness if he wasn't a damn good football coach. It can be cheesy and hard to stomach at times, but he is a leader of men at all levels of competition. If Harbaugh were to ever leave Michigan, he would do wonders back in the NFL, or conceivably at pretty much any other college football program of note. He is that good at his job.

Frankly, we are the Maryland game on Saturday and The Game vs. Ohio State in The Big House away from probably getting Harbaugh back on the sidelines. Whether that is for the Big Ten Championship game vs. presumably Iowa, or a New Year's Six Bowl matchup with the likes of someone like Louisville in the Orange Bowl remains to be seen. Regardless, we have not seen the last of Harbaugh coaching.

The only thing we can hope for is Harbaugh returning to the sidelines chowing down on some fried chicken. If that is not possible, can Judge Judy please be a sideline guest of Michigan's at The Game?

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