John Lynch admits 49ers set up Trey Lance to fail

Trey Lance is going to be riding pine in his third season with the San Francisco 49ers, as the new third-string quarterback was set up for failure by his general manager John Lynch.
Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers. (Loren Elliott/GettyImages)
Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers. (Loren Elliott/GettyImages) / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch set third-year pro Trey Lance up for failure.

The San Francisco 49ers could have drafted Justin Fields out of Ohio State or Mac Jones out of Alabama, but opted to take a third-year, third-stringer in Trey Lance out of North Dakota State...

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan famously said he liked Five Guys around Three, but what a complete disaster of talent evaluation he and his staff did back in the 2021 NFL Draft. Lance had one great year at the FCS level and played a grand total of one game during COVID. Anyone with a brain could have foreseen this being a major boom-or-bust pick. Thankfully, the 49ers have them some Brock Purdy.

In the wake of fellow No. 3 overall draft bust Sam Darnold winning the backup job to Purdy, Lynch conceded to the fact that the offense in place was set up to allow Lance to fail. "Trey made incredible leaps and bounds this year and I think games showed that. I give him a lot of credit because we didn't tailor an offense around him that highlights a lot of the things Trey is able to do." What are y'all doing?

While I am a big fan of Purdy's game, Mr. Irrelevant has a very low celing. It is why I have a hard time seeing the 49ers winning a Super Bowl with this corps. Together, Lynch and Shanahan failed them.

John Lynch admits to failing Trey Lance as a San Francisco 49ers prospect

I do believe the 49ers might have the best roster in the entire NFL, top to bottom. Given that they play in the weaker of the two conferences, it would not shock me if a healthy Purdy, or the best Darnold we have ever seen, guide San Francisco to an NFC Championship. However, I have major reservations about any of the 49ers' quarterbacks matching up favorably with a Joe Burrow or a Patrick Mahomes.

While Jones' ceiling may not be all that much higher than Purdy's to begin with, he would have been worth the No. 3 overall pick over Lance. Even more so, the electrifying talent that is Fields would have looked really good in red and gold over on the West Coast. He may have success in his own right, but we do have to remember that Chicago Bears are historically clueless when to comes to quarterbacks.

So what does this mean for Lance? Nothing great. Lynch's comments only further indicate that he has no trade value on the open market. Yes, there may come a time where a team is in desperate need for a backup, or even a starting, quarterback. When that day arises, Lance could be shipped out of town. For now, he will be an expensive clipboard holder backing up Purdy, and now Darnold as well.

The 49ers may be a well-run organization, but they completely screwed the pooch drafting Lance.

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