Fart in a hurricane: Johnny Buss, Lakers part owner, announces run for President

With the Presidential Election coming up later this year, the race has welcomed a new candidate. Johnny Buss, part owner of the Lakers, has announced his bid for the White House.

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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of several teams in the Western Conference vying for a playoff spot this spring. The Lakers own a record of 36-30 and sit in the ninth spot in the West.

However, the most recent story developing from Los Angeles has less to do with the Lakers and more to do with the upcoming Presidential Election.

Jeannie Buss owns the team and has control over all aspects of the team, including her brother, Johnny Buss, who is a part owner. But Johnny is taking matters into his own hands.

Today, Buss announced that he will be running for president as an independent.

Lakers part-owner Johnny Buss announces presidential bid

Buss launched his campaign website, which includes his motto and a logo featuring a bus with a backdrop of mountains.

"America's future is built on equity, sustainability, and education. Join Johnny Buss in building a brighter America for all," says his motto.

Buss, 67, is the oldest son of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss. He is also the vice president of strategic development.

Buss intends to address racial injustice, economic inequality, and criminal justice reform. However, his campaign is unlikely to garner much support with Joe Biden and Donald Trump running against each other.

This is certainly an interesting development. It will also be interesting to see how Buss's campaign fares against Trump and Biden.

Again, more than likely, his campaign won't garner a lot of support, but he might gain the trust of some Lakers fans and build a decent following in Los Angeles.

The Lakers' ownership has undergone much turmoil since the passing of Jerry Buss, with both Johnny and Jim Buss attempting to usurp Jeannie and gain control of the franchise back in 2017.

That bid was ultimately unsuccessful, as Jeannie maintained control of the franchise.

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