Social media is freaking out over suspected Justin Bieber guest appearance at Usher's halftime show

Social media is having a field day as rumors swirl regarding a possible Justin Bieber cameo at Usher's halftime show.

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Justin Bieber was back in the spotlight at the NHL All-Star Game, serving as one of the four celebrity captains. He even took warmups before the game began and took pictures with just about every player.

Bieber really captivated the crowd when he took the mic and performed at a private event that same weekend. After watching Bieber perform for the first time in over a full year, fans want to see more, and with the Super Bowl coming up, they can only wonder if he's going to make a surprise appearance at the halftime show in the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

The halftime show is the main event for a large portion of fans tuning into the Super Bowl, and with Usher highlighting the show this year, it should be an exciting performance. With Usher in particular performing, fans are speculating as to whether Bieber will join him. Social media certainly thinks it's going to happen.

Suspected appearance by Justin Bieber at Usher's halftime show has social media freaking out

Bieber and Usher have performed together before, and collaborated on the song "Somebody To Love." The two stars have a good relationship, and they remain close today. Usher has been a big role model over the course of Bieber's rise to stardom.

Usher has already confirmed that he'll have surprise guests for his Super Bowl performance, but he did not reveal who. We know Taylor Swift will be in attendance, but performers who have worked with Usher in the past probably make more sense.

Bieber performing on the biggest stage of all after going so long without performing publicly at all would certainly set Twitter and other social media platforms into a frenzy. Even the anticipation alone is doing that.

While we don't know if Bieber will hop on stage, there are some things we do know. Usher has reached out to him according to TMZ. We also know Bieber is in Las Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl. Coincidence? Perhaps. Social media certainly doesn't think so.