Overreaction Monday: The Justin Fields trade that would get everyone involved fired

If the Chicago Bears traded Justin Fields to the New York Jets, everyone involved should be fired.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

This potential Justin Fields trade destination should get everybody involved rightfully fired.

Dumb people gotta work somewhere, and many of them work cushy, NFL front-office jobs.

There are pretty much only eight teams competing for Super Bowls every year. 16 others are trying to win, but will not do all that it takes. Then, there are the not-so-elite eight... The bottom quarter of the league changes every so often, but you better believe the Chicago Bears are among the usual suspects. Forever stuck in 1985 like your mom's high-volumed hairstyle, Chicago so lives in the past.

With their starting quarterback Justin Fields looking more and more like he is not going to get his fifth-year option picked up after his third season out of Ohio State, I present to you one trade destination for the former five-star from Kennesaw, Georgia that could get everyone involved fired. If you sent Fields to the New York Jets for Zach Wilson and additional compensation, here is a pink slip.

Let's discuss why trading Fields to the Jets should be a fireable offense for both dumb front offices.

Justin Fields trade to New York Jets should get everyone involved fired

For all intents and purposes, Trevor Lawrence should be playing for Gang Green. Unfortunately, the Jets won one game they could not afford to in the 2020 NFL season. This allowed the once toothless Jacksonville Jaguars to leapfrog them in the NFL Draft order and land the next Andrew Luck out of Clemson. Picking at No. 2, the Jets s**t their pants and took the Mormon Johnny Football in Wilson.

It was exceptionally Jets of them to take one of the two first-round quarterbacks who was absolutely going to bust in the 2021 NFL Draft. They could have taken Fields with that selection. Heck, Mac Jones out of Alabama would have been a better pick over Wilson. At least Jets general manager Joe Douglas was not craving Five Guys around 3 like Kyle Shanahan did. He picked Trey Lance. Dumbass.

So why should NFL general managers like Douglas and Ryan Poles get fired in this hypothetical trade between the Jets and the Bears involving Fields, Wilson and a flaming bag of crap? Well, for the Jets, it shows that Douglas is worse at understanding the quarterback position than Rex Ryan. I did not think that was possible. Wilson was never going to work. Aaron Rodgers proved to be old and brittle.

While Douglas has assembled a solid roster outside of the quarterback room, the greatest level of production he has gotten out of a signal-caller under center was from Mike White. He now backs up Tua Tagovailoa in Miami. The Miami Dolphins just scored 70 points on the Denver Broncos who are beyond pitiful at this point under Sean Payton's watch and the rotting corpse that is Russell Wilson.

Simply put, by trading for Fields under any circumstances, it means Douglas will have admitted defeat twice at the most important position in football. He will have sealed his fate in that he will never be an NFL general manager again. Not to be outdone, the only general manager who has orchestrated a bigger botch job this offseason is Poles and the complete and utter clown show over in Chicagoland.

Entering this year, Fields was the only reason to watch Bears football. Chicago sucked so bad a year ago that the Bears had the No. 1 pick. They could have drafted better pro prospects at quarterback than Fields in Bryce Young out of Alabama or fellow Buckeye C.J. Stroud out of Ohio State. Young could be Joe Burrow and Stroud could be Derek Carr. Anthony Richardson had way more upside.

Poles and his front office could not see what was right in front of them. Fields was a mega talent coming out of high school, but one that could not beat out Jake Fromm at Georgia. Jake Fromm. While Fromm was an excellent college quarterback, but nowhere near as physically gifted to have any staying power on an NFL roster. Fields transferred to Ohio State to play against lesser competition.

Frankly, he went to a place where the Buckeyes had way more talent than their contemporaries. Ryan Day has elevated the quarterback play in Columbus ever since first coming aboard Urban Meyer's staff. You also have to remember that Michigan wasn't Michigan yet under Jim Harbaugh when Fields was playing in the Big Ten, as well as Penn State being in a state of flux under James Franklin as well.

And with that loopy throwing motion of his, Fields and the Bears find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They might be the worst team in football. However, they have not shown us at all that they have a remote clue of how to build a team. Thus, their inherent ineptitude might result in the unthinkable: Caleb Williams returning to USC for his senior season. Very Colts and Chargers of them.

So why should Poles deserve to get cooked just as badly as Douglas in this one? Well, besides not taking a better quarterback prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft, he traded down to No. 9 with the Carolina Panthers. Young plays in Charlotte for Frank Reich, who is still trying to shake out that Indianapolis brain drain from outside of his skull. Poles then traded back to No. 10 to select a f*****g right tackle...

By taking Darnell Wright at No. 10 overall, Poles pretty much passed on three franchise quarterbacks (Young, Stroud, Richardson), two potential star pass-rushers (Will Anderson Jr., Tyree Wilson), an offensive rookie of the year candidate (Bijan Robinson) and the next Warren Sapp (Jalen Carter). Why did nobody believe me when I said Poles was such an idiot for making this trade when it happened?

The amount of utter incompetence the Bears and Jets front offices of yesteryear and now have put me through is giving me a headache that might result in an aneurysm. There are only 32 of these jobs, yet why is there always some glorified meathead in charge of pushing the red button? I get it. Football is hard, but it does not have to be that hard. You can't beat anyone until you first stop beating yourself.

Should the Jets trade for Fields, you and your brother are better off running both bad franchises.

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