Kalen DeBoer reveals the huge next step Jalen Milroe has taken at Alabama

Jalen Milroe is a special player for Alabama, but even now, he is still far from a finished product.
Jalen Milroe, Alabama Crimson Tide
Jalen Milroe, Alabama Crimson Tide / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

This is music to my ears. I love everything I have seen out of Jalen Milroe over the last year or so as the leader in the Alabama locker room. While he continues to get better as a passer, I know for a fact that he and new head coach Kalen DeBoer are going to have a fantastic working relationship this season. For my money, Milroe checks many of the same boxes Michael Penix Jr. did for Washington.

While appearing on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning, DeBoer expounded on what Milroe has done in spring practice to better elevate his game. It may be another new offensive system for the Crimson Tide quarterback, but DeBoer has a knack for putting his quarterback in advantageous situations to succeed. I would expect him to do the same with Milroe this year in their lone season together.

As far as what Milroe needs to work on, DeBoer said it was all about processing and going through his progressions better. Penix got better in those departments with each season he worked with DeBoer.

“Processing, whether it be processing and going through progressions and being more disciplined with his footwork and really paying attention to his footwork. Tying the footwork to the timing and just that clock that you need to have in your head as a quarterback."

The other big thing DeBoer touched on was that Milroe has to be more consistent as a passer.

"And I think there were times it was really good and then all of sudden you add some install, and it drops off a little bit, but I think as the spring went along, he continued to elevate and just play ball. Just moving the chains and playing ball and not trying to run a play but run an offense.”

While Milroe seemed to have great command of Tommy Rees' offense in the latter part of last year, there were a few games where he completed fewer than 50 percent of his passes. If he wants to get drafted high in 2025, he must improve his accuracy. Given that DeBoer mentions footwork as a key component in this, I think this will be a major area of focus for him during his first year at Alabama.

If all goes according to plan, Milroe can be a first-round pick and contend for the Heisman Trophy.

Kalen DeBoer knows exactly what Jalen Milroe has to work on to improve

No matter how you slice it, DeBoer is a top-10 coach in college football. While it could be up for debate, Milroe is probably a top-five quarterback entering next college season across the Power Four. To me, the upside with Milroe is considerable. He may not have been as much of a blue-chipper coming out of high school as say Texas' Quinn Ewers, but I think he could be a future first-round pick.

The leadership qualities Milroe possesses will serve him at whatever he does in life. He grew up in a military household and NFL front offices are going to love that. While it is incredibly difficult to improve one's accuracy as a passer, DeBoer is 100 percent right that improving Milroe's footwork will go a long way in that department. Learning to process better can help the game slow down for him.

Overall, what I am the most excited to watch about Alabama football this season is how harmonious DeBoer and Milroe can collaborate together. The DeBoer hiring was met with mixed reviews, at least initially. The same sort of feelings came about when it was Milroe who was named the Alabama starter out of fall camp last year. It looks like DeBoer has landed his next Penix in the form of Milroe.

I don't know if Alabama will be a playoff team next year, but they are going to be competitive as hell.

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