Kalen DeBoer takes hilarious shot at Brian Kelly, fuels Alabama-LSU rivalry

Two people who are so not southeastern are at the epicenter of the one thing it collective cares about. With Kalen DeBoer joining Brian Kelly in the SEC, college football will never be the same.

Kalen DeBoer, Alabama Crimson Tide
Kalen DeBoer, Alabama Crimson Tide / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages

Just when Brian Kelly was just getting started building up his LSU football family, newcomer Kalen DeBoer at rival Alabama found a way to poke fun at the most unforgettable impromptu pep rally at an SEC basketball game of all time. While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday, the new face of the Alabama Crimson Tide told McAfee and the boys he does not do accents, not even fake ones.

"I think that would go wrong for me. I know who I am. There’s some South Dakota in there. That’s who I am. We’ve just got to live with that. You got me for who I am.”

Fate would have it, one of McAfee's very best friends has a little bit of a South Dakotan accent. That would be former Jackrabbits star and future Pro Football Hall of Fame kicker Adam Vinatieri of New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts fame. He shared a special teams room with the same sports stooge who runs this here sports progrum. McAfee happens to speak with beautiful Yinzer accent.

As Kelly asks where he can find a good poor boy sandwich again, DeBoer better not ask the people standing in line at Archibald's if there is a good place for a bagel in town or if biscuits are any good. The fellow patron will not-so-politely tell him to kiss their grits in their latest rendition of southern hospitality. Just win, dammit, because clearly, it don't mean enough, PAWL?! Oh this is gonna be fun!

The Alabama-LSU rivalry went from Nick Saban and Coach O to Kelly and DeBoer in only a few years.

Kalen DeBoer refuses to do a fake Alabama accent while on Pat McAfee

I think the last thing DeBoer needed to do was to put together his best interpretation of a southern drawl. It would have had him out of Alabama faster than you can say Mike Price. That poor man never coached a game for the Crimson Tide for reasons you just need to Google, to be quite frank. For DeBoer, he wants to build a good, clean, program from the ashes of what once stood the Evil Empire.

DeBoer has great recruiting chops, but I saw the SEC, and The Yellowhammer State in particular, eat a fellow former Mountain West head coach alive in two years in Bryan Harsin. Truth be told, Greg Byrne is a far better athletic director at Alabama than Allen Greene was at Auburn. Again, I want to believe the DeBoer hire by Alabama is going to work, but there is a reason not everyone is convinced.

Ultimately, it is what it is. For as long as DeBoer remains true to who he is, he can sleep well at night. However, long gone are the days of him recruiting OKGs the Washington way. Our Kinda Guys is a great way to get OOW in SEC Country: Out Of Work. While we must give DeBoer time to put his own stamp on the Alabama program, congratulating him on not doing a fake accent is a very low bar.

If his commentary on the matter adds more juice to the Alabama-LSU rivalry, then I am all for it.

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