Kevin Durant wants nothing to do with a Brooklyn Nets tribute video

For the first time since being traded to the Suns, Kevin Durant is heading back to Brooklyn. The former MVP doesn't want a tribute video.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns
Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

After being traded in a blockbuster trade last season, Kevin Durant does not want a tribute video ahead of his first game back in Brooklyn.

Responding to a comment on Twitter, the All-NBA star said that "the night" would be a lot better without a tribute video.

Clearly, Durant wants this night to be a regular as possible. He didn't live up to expectations and doesn't want to be reminded of the fact that fans would laugh at the fact that he got a tribute video.

To be clear, this is completely normal to want and Durant has every right to ask for this publicly. Still, this comment by Durant makes it relevant to ask what the future Hall of Famer's legacy will be in Brooklyn.

What is Kevin Durant's legacy with the Nets?

To be quite honest (and at the risk of getting subtweeted by Kevin Durant himself —apologies Mr. Durant for this), Kevin Durant will not have much of a legacy in Brooklyn.

The All-Star only played 129 games for the franchise and never made an Eastern Conference Finals. Durant missed a lot of time with injury as the star came into his Nets tenure with a ruptured right Achilles that needed an entire season to recover.

He ended up facing injuries during his entire run with the Nets. Still, Durant did a lot of good when he was with the Nets. When healthy, the MVP played like a top All-NBA veteran.

For what it is worth, Durant was not the reason the franchise didn't win a title. Rather the blame should be more focused on Sean Marks who traded James Harden for Ben Simmons whose lack of a three-point shot makes the rest of his All-Star-level game completely moot.

Additionally, trading for Harden in the first place was a bad idea as the franchise had zero depth after the deal.

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