3 teams that could actually use Killian Hayes on the buyout market

The Detroit Pistons ended the Killian Hayes experience, releasing the 2020 No. 7 pick. Here are three teams that could use his help and also save his career.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Detroit Pistons
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2. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are a little less desperate for point guard help than the Grizzlies, as they boast a very good tandem in Trae Young and Dejounte Murray who play 35 minutes a game. That doesn't leave much room for any other guard to play, yet they could still use a third guard and another ball-handler that could take pressure off Young and Murray.

Patty Mills is their third guard, playing 10 minutes a game every once in a while, but mainly use Bogdan Bogdanovic as their third ball-handler, stagger Young and Murray, and Jalen Johnson also creates plays. An additional ball-handler, especially someone with the passing chops that Hayes does, wouldn't be a bad addition for a team in the Play-In race. He’s an additional threat who can create off the bounce and would be the second-best passer on the team upon arrival.

There are questions to be had about his shooting, which would put him in the same situation he was in Detroit with Cunningham (in this case it would be Young and Murray) handling the ball and Hayes being one pass away. However, those limitations can be hidden on a better shooting team like the Hawks (seventh in 3-point attempts and makes, respectively) compared to the Pistons (29th in makes, 28th in attempts). Hayes could definitely help their on-ball creation when Young isn't creating, which has looked rough when he isn't on the floor (and even when Murray is in without him)