Kirk Cousins gives free agency suitors major optimism about Achilles recovery

Kirk Cousins posted some new videos showing the progress he's made since his Achilles injury. 'Impressive' doesn't quite do it justice.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

2023 was a bad year for Achilles tendons in the NFL. The season started with Aaron Rodgers rupturing his, ended with Dre Greenlaw exploding his, and somewhere in the middle (specifically on October 29, 2023) Kirk Cousins annihilated his

Rodgers and Greenlaw are in a different situation than Cousins: they know what team they’re going to play for next year. In order to make his way to the starting spot NFL roster, Cousins has to fight back from an injury that can, and has, ruined careers in the past. 

Luckily for Kirk Cousins, he seems likable and he’s a high-profile player. During the NFL Honors, we saw him do a little dance on stage with Cam Jordan, which was objectively weird, but impressive given that it was less than four months after his injury. 

The NFL probably wouldn’t allow an unlikable or low-profile player to get on stage and do something like that.

If you’re a General Manager for an NFL team, and you’re thinking about paying Kirk Cousins, seeing something like that would probably make you feel hopeful, even if it’s just a slight amount of hope. 

Now we’re onto the week of the Combine, a week that’s considered the unofficial start to free agency, and wouldn’t you know it? We got a video of Kirk Cousins going through actual football motions.

Kirk Cousins posts video of progress in Achilles recovery

He says, “..encouraged by the progress!” Buddy, that’s the understatement of the century. Do you remember how we saw videos of Aaron Rodgers walking without crutches a couple of months after his injury and we all thought he might have stolen some of Wolverine's genetically mutated DNA? Kirk’s blowing that ‘progress’ out of the water.

Now, to be fair, that's just two reps that we've seen. It's probably safe to say that after he videoed these he went straight into an ice bath for about nine or ten hours because of the pain. Nonetheless, seeing that he's able to move like that is extraordinary.

If his goal with that post was to get people to write about how good he's looking, it's working. Things are looking up for ol' Kirk.

*Cris Collinsworth voice* ‘Now here’s a guy who wants to get paid $50 million next season.’ You love to see it.

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