Kyle Filipowski channels Grayson Allen with blatant trip in UNC-Duke battle

Duke star center Kyle Filipowski tripped North Carolina forward Harrison Ingram during the Blue Devils vs. Tar Heels matchup. You be the judge to determine if it was intentional or not.

Virginia v Duke
Virginia v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages

The end of the men's college basketball regular season has arrived. Senior Nights are udnnderway with home teams playing their final games of the season. For the No. 9 Duke Blue Devils, they hosted the rival No. 7 North Carolina Tar Heels on Saturday. It is not only one of college basketballs most heated rivalries, but also one of all of sports.

Considering this, there will be some controversial moments given the dislike between both teams. Let's just say that Duke star center Kyle Filipowski channeled another former Blue Devils player, Grayson Allen.

During the first half, Filipowski was lying down on the court with Duke gaining possession and running down the court. Filipowski appeared to look over his shoulder when he saw North Carolina junior forward Harrison Ingram run in his direction, and stuck out his leg, causing Ingram to fall.

Kyle Filipowski channels Duke villain Grayson Allen with trip in UNC-Duke battle

Upon replay, the trip does look intentional. But the referees didn't blow the whistle or assess the penalty via a review. Instead, both teams continued their play, despite North Carolina head coach Hubert Davis' attempts to draw a review.

At halftime, North Carolina carried a 40-31 lead heading into the locker room. The Tar Heels picked up the 84-79 win to become the ACC's outright regular season champions.

College basketball fans, particularly Tar Heels fans, remember the variety of antics that Allen would perform on the court. Allen was suspended indefinitely by Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski in 2016 for intentionally tripping Elon University player Steven Santa Ana by kicking his left leg out from under him.

Filipowski notably suffered a knee injury back on Feb. 24 against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons after fans stormed the court at LJVM Coliseum. But, the center did not miss any time, playing in the team's game against Louisville four days later.

It's no surprise that things got heated during a Duke vs. North Carolina game. Tar Heels fans won't forget that trip by Filipowski.

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