Kyle McCord transfer portal rumors: 5 best destinations for Ohio State QB

Kyle McCord's stock has taken a hit of late, but he could be a huge upgrade in the transfer portal.

Kyle McCord, Ohio State Buckeyes
Kyle McCord, Ohio State Buckeyes / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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4. Mississippi State Bulldogs could have a fun offense under Jeff Lebby

If McCord were to bite the bullet and come to the more competitive SEC, the one place to watch has to be the Mississippi State Bulldogs. This has everything to do with the change of helm of the football team. Former Oklahoma offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby is taking over from a defensive-minded head coach in Zach Arnett. Lebby wants to throw the ball a ton like Mike Leach did before Arnett.

With long-time Bulldogs starting quarterback Will Rogers hitting the transfer portal, everybody quickly tied former Oklahoma and UCF quarterback Dillon Gabriel to Mississippi State. Again, he could follow Lebby to Starkville like he did from Orlando to Norman, but Dan Lanning may want him to come to Eugene to be Bo Nix's 2024 replacement. So what about McCord going to Mississippi State?

If he helped Lebby and the Bulldogs get to bowl in 2024 and 2025, that might be enough to get him back to being a top-100 pick in the 2026 NFL Draft. He does not have to be Dak Prescott in Starkville, but if he can be a more talented version of Rogers, then Mississippi State would have a chance to sneak up on some people in Lebby's first run as a college football head coach. Don't rule this one out.

Doing good things at a place like Mississippi State will do wonders for McCord's level of comp issues.