Lakers fans are already out on a potential Trae Young trade this offseason

Death, taxes and the Lakers linked with every NBA star who might be looking for a new home — the three immutable truths.
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Trae Young's season with the Atlanta Hawks ended with a whimper — a 15-point loss to the Chicago Bulls in the Play-In Tournament. A quick scan of the box score might leave you with the impression that Young had a solid game — 22 points and 10 assists.

Look a little closer and you'll see that he was 4-of-12 from the field and canceled out several of his assists with six turnovers. He was 0-of-3 with five turnovers in the first quarter, at the end of which the Hawks were already staring down an 18-point deficit. Atlanta made a run to make it closer at the half but Young wasn't much help.

In the end, the Hawks were outscored by 27 points while he was on the floor. His catastrophic defense was also on full display as the Bulls' backcourt exploded — a combined 61 points from Coby White and Ayo Dosunmu. The Hawks mostly tried to hide Young on Alex Caruso but White was still 3-of-6 from the field with three assists on the 17 possessions in which Young was his most consistent defender.

Did Trae Young play his way onto the trade market?

Young struggled for large stretches of this season and the Hawks played some of their most consistent and inspired basketball when he was out of the lineup with a hand injury. He was mentioned in trade rumors, although not as often as fellow point guard Dejounte Murray, and considering how the season ended it's not wild to think the Hawks may have to explore trading him more seriously this offseason.

Which brings us to the Lakers who, with their Klutch Sports connections and often desperate need for shooting and secondary offensive creation, were often mentioned as a potential landing spot for Young. However, not long after the Hawks' loss went final, this Tweet landed at the top of the Lakers subreddit:

And the comments below seemed to be pretty uniformly aghast at the idea of trading for Young.

notherealstanlee: "He looked disinterested. Also his play is so on-ball heavy and if he's having trouble adjusting to Murray, how can he adjust to AD/Bron?"

LegendKingX: "Personally I was a never a fan of trading for Trae and doing the 3 star model all over again. Trae is simply undersized, a bad defender and a inefficient high volume scorer. If we were to make moves to improve in the off-season I’d rather go for a bigger guard that can defend and shoot imo."

subzero12320931: "You gotta have a bunch of lockdown defenders on the team to even consider Trae. Could argue his defense is on par if not worse than Dlo."

cheaseedz: "Trae will unlock AD" they say. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Aar0nSwanson: "Turnover machine and shoots a low shooting percentage. Stay far away."

Luckily for these Lakers' fans, a Trae Young trade is pretty unlikely. Even with his value depressed, the Hawks will likely be looking for a package heavy on draft picks and young talent. The Lakers refused to even consider trading Austin Reaves at the deadline and the only picks they can trade this summer would be the 2029 and 2031 first-rounders. Matching Young's enormous salary would mean waiting for D'Angelo Russell to pick up his player option (which is an open question) and then sending him with Rui Hachimura and Jarred Vanderbilt with both picks.

It's not clear that the Hawks would even be interested in that basic package and surely even Rob Pelinka could see that's a net loss for the Lakers?

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