Lakers rumors: 3 more buyout candidates LA can add after Spencer Dinwiddie

The Los Angeles Lakers won't stop searching after the Spencer Dinwiddie signing.

Danuel House Jr., Philadelphia 76ers
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2. Lakers can add sharpshooter in Joe Harris

The Detroit Pistons set Joe Harris free after an uneventful and unproductive stretch with the franchise. Harris arrived in the offseason via trade and he was essentially ignored by Monty Williams. Injuries have taken their toll on Harris, and it's unwise to expect prime production at this point. Still, the 32-year-old was one of the NBA's top shooters his his peak, and shooters don't tend to forget their stroke.

Harris appeared in 16 games for Detroit, averaging 2.4 points on .359/.333/.500 splits in 10.6 minutes. Multiple ankle injuries have tanked his value on defense, but the Lakers are a good spot to test Harris' remaining value as a sniper. He shot 42.6 percent from 3-point range last season — low by his impossible standards, but high by every other standard — and LeBron remains one of the league's elite facilitators. If Harris can build up his rhythm with a few clean looks, the Lakers could end up with the steal of the post-deadline free agency market.

This would also allow the Lakers to continue stockpiling former Nets. D'Angelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie will re-team in the backcourt. Harris can stand comfortably on the wing, having built-in chemistry with Los Angeles' primary point guards.

Maybe Harris has lost too much from injuries, The defense is a serious concern, especially for a Lakers team short on quality perimeter stoppers following the Jarred Vanderbiilt injury. That said, Harris has legitimate gravitational pull as a shooter. If he can get back to even half-speed, his jumper will open up lanes for Los Angeles' stars. The Lakers don't really have that elite movement shooter to pair with LeBron. It's worth a shot.