Lance Lynn had an epic strategy to bounce back after shaky start in Cardinals debut

Lance Lynn gave us a quote for the ages after his first start back in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform.

Lance Lynn, St. Louis Cardinals
Lance Lynn, St. Louis Cardinals / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Not only is Lance Lynn back with his first team, the St. Louis Cardinals, he got himself out of a jam against his former team -- the Los Angeles Dodgers -- on Saturday night, brother. After loading the bases in the top of the first, Lynn did not surrender a run in his four innings of work. Although he was not credited with the victory, but the Cardinals got their first win of the season in extra innings, 6-5.

St. Louis is coming off its worst season in decades. It hit the fan for the Cardinals in a way I haven't seen in my baseball-viewing life. However, that seems to be an outlier campaign for the Redbirds. Then again, Oli Marmol is not the manager I would willingly go to bat for. But with that in mind, Lynn has brought some much-needed energy to this team, simply upon his arrival with this epic quote.

It may not be safe for work, but the dude is a baseball player, bruh. His work is play for others, so there is no gray area. It is always a good time, unless you are getting drilled while toeing the rubber. In that case, you're going to have a bad time. But with him not allowing an earned run to the Dodgers in his return to the Cardinals rotation, you have to wonder if it is a sign of more good things to come for him.

When you've got nothing left to lose, let it rip. This is the type of attitude I wish more pitchers had.

Based on strictly this quote alone, I want nothing more than to see Lynn pitch for another decade.

Lance Lynn changed the game with in-game adjustment and epic quote

If we could get more quotes using expletives out of Lynn the rest of the year, I would be so in favor of that. In a world where people are getting softer by the nanosecond, I want a man who has seen some things on a baseball diamond before tell us all how it is. Some people think analytics can solve all of your problems. For those of us who choose to do math as little as possible, we use four-letter words.

While we prefer "heat", "outs" and "wins" more than "ball", "loss" and "walk", sometimes all you really need to get going is a carefully placed four-letter word for epic enthusiasm. Earmuffs, kids, but open your eyes to the greatness that is Lynn and his majestic beard. When I think of ball players looking hairy, dirty and kind of grimy, but winning all the time, can you pick a better team than the Cardinals?

Back when Tony La Russa was managing this team, it was a bunch of nameless, faceless, bearded men who didn't shower on the reg. The only that stunk more than them was how you played against them. I absolutely hated seeing the Cardinals on the schedule when I was in my teens and 20s. As a non-biased observer, I would love to see St. Louis illicit that type of reaction out of me once again.

With a swift kick in the rear, probably by himself, Lynn got himself back on track, and maybe St. Louis?

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