Larry David went on an amazing Curb-esque rant about SoFi Stadium

Nobody wants to Curb Your Enthusiasm more about going to SoFi Stadium more than Larry David.

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm / Rich Fury/GettyImages

Like many TCU football fans, Larry David is never going back to SoFi Stadium again! While promoting the newest season of his iconic HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, David went on an epic rant with appearing on fellow Angeleno transplant Bill Simmons' podcast. Nobody has made a career making something out of nothing more than did the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and the creator of Seinfeld.

The rant was good, and so very on point for David, that Jimmy Traina led his latest column for Sports Illustrated with how much David despises SoFi. David told SImmons that he goes to these sporting events to not just be seen, but to talk to people. However, the stadium ops guys are getting a bit way too out of hand. Pumping in crowd noise to make believe the Los Angeles Chargers have fans, nope...

Even the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl parade was a cinematic masterpiece with only a few extras.

“Here’s my problem with stadiums in general now. I went to a game at SoFi. I’ll never go back there. You have to scream to just talk to the person next to you. There’s so much noise coming from the loudspeaker. It’s crazy. And then the guy, the P.A. guy, WHO’S HOUSE IS THIS?!?! You’re assaulted. Your senses are assaulted and you can’t watch the game.”

Just you wait until David hears "Morning, neighbor!" from a shirtless Jim Harbaugh getting the paper...

If the follow-up to this season of Curb is not about David being a newfound hermit, I'm not watching.

Larry David may never go outside again after his experience over at SoFi

You have to remember this one big thing about Los Angeles, besides the fact that very few people who live there are from there. For something like 30 years, Los Angeles did not have an NFL team. It went from having the Raiders and the Rams to having ... nobody. While the Rams came back after a weird relationship with St. Louis out of spite, the Raiders moved twice, now playing over in Las Vegas.

The Chargers were doing their best down in sunny San Diego. In the midst of straight-up chillin', dawg, they went from the lovable beach bums of the AFC West to the "who invited you?" at a ritzy and sophisticated Hollywood soiree. "We didn't even want to be here either, bruh?" Well, thank god the sea salt spray you are unintentionally selling is to die for! The primary investor is Jeff Spicoli, Sean Penn.

All the while, these gosh darn stadium ops guys, the ones who want to see you move it, move it, are not only ruining stale NFL football games, but are creeping onto hallowed grounds occupied by the Los Angeles Dodgers. To ruin most sacred Dodger games with bring-the-noise tactics would not be tolerated if Vin Scully is still with us. The Dodgers need to be protected at all costs from audio decay.

Clearly, sporting events are meant for hot dogs, suds and conversations, not goofy t-shirt cannons.

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