4 Raiders who definitely won't be back thanks to new GM Tom Telesco

The Las Vegas Raiders hired Tom Telesco in a curious decision after naming Antonio Pierce head coach. What does that mean for their star players?

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
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1. If the Raiders don't trade Davante Adams now, they never will

It would be no surprise if a new general manager like Tom Telesco agreed to the Raiders role with a big splash in mind. Davante Adams will be 32 next season. A decline in production is coming, if it hasn't already arrived, for a receiver heading into his mid-30's. While Adams still has some decent numbers to fall back on, the Raiders could consider trading him and his hefty contract to a contender in need.

Adams would net the Raiders more draft picks, something they will need to rebuild the team from scratch beyond Maxx Crosby. Vegas will be lucky to contend in the next few years, which is surely what Adams wants. Despite his public backing of Pierce as head coach, the Raiders are unproven, don't have a quarterback and play in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

Telesco could flip Adams to, say, the New York Jets, where he would be reunited with Aaron Rodgers. The Kansas City Chiefs are likely off the table given they play in the same division, but the point remains that there are a surprising number of contenders who need tier-1 wide receiver play. At least for the next year or so, Adams can provide that. Beyond 2024, however, the Raiders risk his play and overall value declining.

If that's the case, then Vegas will be more worried about getting out of Adams contract than flipping him to a contending team.

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