Latest report on Sean McDermott's job security has Bills Mafia split in two

Sean McDermott's job is entirely safe. How Bills Mafia feels about that depends entirely on who you ask.

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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According to Tim Graham, Sean McDermott isn't leaving Orchard Park, New York, anytime soon. Graham reports for The Athletic that the Buffalo Bills head coach has complete job security, with two sources telling him there's a "zero" percent chance he gets fired (subscription required), despite the team's 6-6 record and even a Wild Card inclusion in the postseason picture looking like it may be an uphill battle.

Two other sources confirmed to Graham that they'd be shocked if he were fired by the Pegula family, who owns the Bills and Sabres. McDermott is under contract through 2027.

Much of Bills Mafia is hungry for a change, understanding that the team's talent is way better than its record. They have a game-changing quarterback with weapons around him and what should be an elite defense as well.

Fans react to latest report on Sean McDermott's job security

Ken Dorsey being fired as offensive coordinator was a good start if you ask most Bills fans, but plenty think the Bills have no shot at winning with McDermott as their head coach.

"Chants" here, would presumably hint at "Fire McDermott" chants, much like those that hit Pittsburgh before offensive coordinator Matt Canada was fired.

Still, others stand behind McDermott and believe he is the man for the job.

Others add that there just aren't many better options.

Graham's article makes some good points about the non win-loss record factors that play into McDermott's role as head coach, too.

2022 was a trying year for the Bills organization and community. Damar Hamlin suffered a heart attack on the field just months after co-owner Terry Pegula suffered a more private one of her own. The summer of 2022 saw a Buffalo neighborhood torn apart by a mass shooting at a supermarket, as Graham reminds us. The organization seems markedly happy with how McDermott helped navigate those trials.

From a community and team spirit standpoint, McDermott seems like the man for the job.

Winning would make this split fanbase united. The Bills have several games left to prove they can reach their lofty internal expectations.

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