LeBron James revealed the two colleges he thought about attending, and why Duke wasn't on the list

LeBron James is one of a few NBA legends who went straight to the NBA after high school. However, he actually thought about attending Cincinnati and North Carolina, but not Duke.
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The college basketball season has come to an end.

UConn defeated Purdue on Monday night to secure their second consecutive NCAA Tournament title.

Though it's incredibly rare, some players ultimately skip college and go straight to the NBA from high school. LeBron James was one of them.

James decided to forego college in 2003 and was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, thus beginning his legendary NBA career. However, LeBron almost decided against going straight to the NBA and even had a few colleges in mind before his high school career came to an end.

On the podcast "Mind the Game with LeBron James and JJ Redick," James revealed that he had Cincinnati and North Carolina in mind. He had considered Cincinnati because of their uniforms and their coach at the time, Bob Huggins, and had also considered North Carolina because of their uniforms and their style of play.

However, when Redick, an alum of Duke asked whether his alma mater was ever considered, James had this to say.

"(Expletive) no, man."

LeBron considered two colleges before draft, but not Duke

It's safe to say that everything worked out just fine for James after skipping college and going straight to the NBA.

James said that he might have reconsidered Duke because of former head coach Mike Krzyzewski, and that if he had the option today, he might have chosen it.

However, based on his comments about Cincinnati and North Carolina, it seems that Duke didn't have what LeBron was looking for at the time. Also worth considering is that Duke and North Carolina are fierce rivals, and if James was a fan of North Carolina, it would make sense as to why he never considered Duke.

A pairing of LeBron and Coach K certainly would have been entertaining, and the two likely would have had plenty of success together.

Three years after James was drafted, the NBA changed the rules so that players couldn't go straight from high school to the NBA, but it's interesting to think about what he could have done in the NCAA had he been there.

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