LeBron James tweets hourglass emoji: Who is time running out for?

After losing to the Hawks in a blowout without Anthony Davis, LeBron James tweeted out an hourglass emoji indicating time was running out for someone.

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers
New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

After getting blown out by an Atlanta Hawks squad that is currently in 10th place in the Eastern Conference, Lakers' star LeBron James tweeted an hourglass emoji with the indication that time is running out for someone in L.A to get their act together. While it is currently unknown who it is meant for, it is pretty easy to guess who this emoji could be for.

In the past, James has indirectly talked about the franchise's performance on Twitter by tweeting similar cryptic things. Along with his fellow co-star Anthony Davis, his play is the only thing that has gone right for the Lakers this season. With this in mind, it's fair to ask who this hourglass is actually for.

Who is LeBron James' hourglass emoji for?

Even though James doesn't directly say who time is running out for, the message could be for head coach Darvin Ham. While the roster isn't perfect, Ham has refused to play Jarred Vanderbilt as a starter in favor of Taurean Prince. Along with playing three-guard lineups, this is a major reason that the Lakers haven't been able to keep themselves out of the Play-In Tournament range of the standings.

The emoji could also be for the Lakers front office. James is a free agent after this season. LeBron James's free agency could be determined by where his son Bronny James gets drafted, the All-time great could be trying to pressure management to make an upgrade in personnel. Despite the struggles of their coach, this is a franchise that probably needs a better starting guard if they want a chance to win the title this season.

No matter what ends up happening, the Lakers will surely be involved in trade rumors for the foreseeable future. Additionally, it seems like L.A. will be facing rumors about the future of head coach Darvin Ham every time they struggle for the rest of the season.

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