'Lisa was right' meme explained: Cubs fans rally around inside joke to sign Bellinger

Lisa knew all along.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Cody Bellinger and the Cubs agreed to a contract to keep the former All-Star outfielder in Chicago for the forseeable future. Bellinger staged a bounceback year with the Cubs and after a long free agency, ended up right back in Chicago.

Bellinger missed out on the massive total value he wanted but got a short deal with great AAV and several off-ramps to get back into the market. He can become a free agent after this year if he chooses to do so.

After Jeff Passan broke the news of the deal and truly imploded any chance we had at getting sleep on Saturday night, he followed up with a Tweet that, to outsiders, makes no sense at all:

'Lisa was right' meme explained

Lisa refers to a Cubs fan that became instantly famous amid the boredom that fans were suffering as Spring Training started and Bellinger remained unsigned. She responded to a Tweet a few days ago from Obvious Shirts (a t-shirt shop that sits on the Clark and Grace intersection north of Wrigley Field) saying she heard from a "good friend" that they signed Bellinger but couldn't find anything online, asking the shirt company if they knew.

Obvious Shirts, being just a t-shirt company, clearly knew nothing. But they played into the madness, and rallied a bored fanbase around the hope that maybe, just maybe Lisa's friend in Arizona knows something.

Just two hours before the signing was announced, they put up the bat signal for her...

Did Lisa's friend really know? Who knows. It may have just been fortuitous timing. But either way, the deal is done. Cody Bellinger is a Cub once more.