Lou Holtz absolutely blasted Ryan Day and Ohio State before Notre Dame game

Lou Holtz decided to put Ryan Day's Ohio State Buckeyes in a bodybag during his unforgettable guest appearance on The Pat McAfee Show ahead of the massive Week 4 vs. his Notre Dame.

Lou Holtz
Lou Holtz / Handout/GettyImages

Does Lou Holtz love him some Notre Dame or what? Well, is water wet, folks? Color me shocked, bruh!

While making an absolutely triumphant guest appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Friday live from South Bend, Indiana (one that Ty Schmit will never forget), Holtz completely obliterated Ryan Day's Ohio State Buckeyes program in the worst way possible. He pretty much called them a bunch of softies. Ever since Day took over, the A.J. Hawks of the world can't be found. Holtz may have a point.

Here is Holtz going on a rant about Day and the state of THE Ohio State University on Pat McAfee.

I mean, if you can't beat Alabama, Clemson, Georgia or Michigan twice, what does that say about you?

It means you have next to no chance to ever even think about beating the Notre Dame during Week 4.

Lou Holtz takes Ryan Day, Ohio State to woodshed while on Pat McAfee

There may have been Imposter Lou Holtz sitting right across from him on the well-produced ESPN TV set, but the iconic former Notre Dame head coach certainly had a point. This isn't Urban Meyer Ohio State anymore. The offense is still fairly strong, but the defense is not all that willing to impose its will on the opposition. With Ohio State at a major quarterback disadvantage in this game, good luck, y'all!

For the first time since Brady Quinn was their quarterback, Notre Dame has something transcendent under center in Wake Forest transfer Sam Hartman. Yes, Ian Book and Jimmy Clausen were good and others had their moments, but Hartman is capable of taking the Golden Domers to new heights this year. If they keep on winning and get to 12-0, they could win the College Football Playoff this season.

Whoever wins this game in South Bend should be a top-five team in the sport. That team is going places. As for the loser, well, we simply cannot wait for them to play a holiday season bowl game either in Florida or something involving a mayo bath in Charlotte. So what do you want to see: Day get Floridian sunburnt or get dunked in a bucket of white, cool and wet, probably cut with a few nuts, too?

Either Holtz will be seen as a genius or he will be deemed an idiot from this. Either way, we all win here.

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