Marvin Harrison Jr. $20 million NIL rumor is, not surprisingly, completely bogus

Minnesota v Ohio State
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The Ohio State Buckeyes having star wide receiver and Heisman Trophy finalist Marvin Harrison Jr. for the 2024 season has long felt like a pipe dream. He's projected to be the first non-quarterback off the board in the 2024 NFL Draft and is coveted by most likely all 32 professional franchises.

At the same time, however, a wild rumor began circulating in the past week that Ohio State and their NIL collectives had put together a package to attempt to entice Harrison to return to Columbus. The rumors indicated that the NIL money would be equivalent (or more than) that of a high first-round pick's contract, amounting to $20-25 million.

Despite a lack of reputable reporters picking this rumor up, it gained steam on social media.

Unfortunately for Ohio State fans, it was always complete hogwash. On3 CEO and founder Shannon Terry tweeted on Monday that the reports around the NIL offer from the Buckeyes to Harrison is "one of the most inaccurate rumors" ever to be seen in college football.

That's a pretty strong way of saying that it's absolute nonsense.

Ohio State rumors: Marvin Harrison Jr. NIL figures are completely overblown

To be sure, NIL payments could certainly play a factor now and in the future regarding NFL Draft decisisons. With a way to get the big payday while still developing in college, prospects have a serious decision to weight. At the same time, though, NIL money isn't limitless... in fact, there has never been anything rumored or reported even close to that $20-25 million figure.

Anyone with a finger on the pulse of college football could've told you that outlandish number, even for Marvin Harrison Jr., is complete balderdash. And now we have essentially confirmation that's the case.

Does that mean Harrison is undoubtedly, 100% leaving Ohio State for the NFL? No! There could be a still-substantial NIL offer on the table to entice him to stay, especially with a new quarterback likely taking the helm of the offense. However, that's far from a guarantee at the same time.

Whatever the case, though, Harrison Jr. won't be making $20-25 million next year, in the NFL or college ranks alike. So let's just put that to bed and await the wide receiver's impending decision.

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