Matt Canada is back to being terrible, and Steelers fans are furious

If it wasn't already obvious, Steelers fans have had enough of Matt Canada.

Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers
Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Steelers are looking at another double-digit hole in another week of football. Is anyone that surprised?

Pittsburgh snuck away with a win last week against the Raiders, but offensive coordinator Matt Canada is back to his old and predictable tricks again. In Week 4, the Texans are up 16-0 against the Steelers at halftime, and while Pittsburgh isn't Denver Broncos-levels of bad, their offense is still wading through mud at the start of the season.

Kenny Pickett has exactly 35 passing yards, and one interception to boot. The Steelers have run the ball for 30 yards, and running back Jaylen Warren leads the receiving corps with four catches for 16 yards.

By comparison, Texans' C.J. Stroud just looks so much more comfortable on the field and more in control of his offense, and he doesn't have flashy weapons like George Pickens or Najee Harris.

How bad is Canada's offensive play-calling so far? Canada is so bad that Antonio Brown is actually posting coherent tweets about him.

For Antonio Brown to roast Canada, no translation necessary, using correct punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure? That's how you know the Steelers need a change. And no, they shouldn't be calling Brown about the OC position.

Fire Matt Canada: Steelers fans pick up their pitchforks again

Steelers fans unloaded their rage and fury onto Matt Canada desperately hoping that this week will be the week that Canada packs his bags and leaves Pittsburgh forever. They can dream.

The second half awaits. Maybe Canada will adapt to the game and start scheming efficient passing plays -- or maybe not. Steelers fans know at this point they shouldn't get their hopes up.

Perhaps Canada is due another promotion. That seems to be how Mike Tomlin is handling this. The man who has a unique talent for failing upwards has done it again.

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