Matt Eberflus keeps ticking time bomb Chase Claypool as far away from Bears as possible

Oh, to go back to a time when Chase Claypool was hyped on the Steelers....

Chase Claypool, Chicago Bears
Chase Claypool, Chicago Bears / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are making their stance on Chase Claypool clear as day. After Claypool's sluggish start to 2023, it appears as though the wide receiver is on a time-out away from the team.

The Bears reportedly told Claypool to stay home ahead of Sunday's matchup against Broncos. At the time, Chicago didn't offer any clarity on Claypool's immediate future or whether he would be back with the team for the following week.

On Monday morning, Adam Schefter announced a new development in the Chase Claypool saga: Bears head coach Matt Eberflus has revealed Claypool will also likely miss Week 5's game against the Washington Commanders on Thursday.

Eberflus said Claypool "will remain away from the team" as the Bears prepare for the short week matchup, which strongly suggests the ex-Steelers wideout will not be participating in the game.

Less than two full seasons into Claypool's trade to the Bears, the experiment is blowing up in the franchise's face.

Bears' Most Hated: Chase Claypool set to miss another week

In three games this season, Claypool has recorded four catches on 14 targets for 51 yards and a touchdown. As the Bears had to find out the hard way, this 2023 version of Claypool is not the same as the Steelers rookie who put up 800-plus receiving yards in his first two seasons.

Some believed another year working with Justin Fields may boost Claypool's production, but the 25-year-old continues to prove the optimists wrong. He got raked over hot coals for his lazy attempt to block a screen pass against the Packers in Week 1 and hasn't recovered since.

The Bears' offense seemed to do just fine without him on Sunday despite falling to the Broncos -- Justin Fields inked his name in the Bears' record books by completing 16 consecutive passes to open the game and finished with 335 passing yards and four touchdowns against one interception. With D.J. Moore, Cole Kmet, and Darnell Mooney making their crater-sized impacts in the passing game, the Bears may have realized after a torturous year and a half that they don't need Claypool. Claypool needs them.

The tragic downfall of the once-heralded Steelers wideout may be written about one day. For now, the Bears are turning their focus away from their toothless threat and onto getting their first win of the season.

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