3 reasons the Miami Dolphins can win the Super Bowl and 1 reason they won't

The Miami Dolphins haven't won the Super Bowl since 1974. This might be the best chance this franchise has had to lift the Lombardi Trophy in almost 50 years.

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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2. Underrated defense

The Dolphins offense takes up all of the headlines, and that's for good reason. The offense is possibly the best in the league. The Dolphins defense doesn't really stack up to that, but the fast-paced offense is a big reason for that. Those big plays get the team back on the field faster. Yet, this unit has done decently well with that.

The Dolphins allow almost exactly 300 yards of total offense per game. That's good for sixth in the league. They aren't allowing a ton of yards despite being up in most games they play. It's a very balanced defense, allowing under 100 yards rushing per game and just over 200 yards passing. That balance is really hard to gameplan against.

Where one would hope for more is turnovers. The Dolphins have a negative turnover differential (19 turnovers on offense and 15 on defense). They've only caused five fumble recoveries, which is tied for the bottom five in the league. There is a little luck there, however, and one might think that could slant the Dolphins way come playoff time. Bradley Chubb has forced four fumbles on his own.

This is definitely a defense that can win a Super Bowl in the right situation. Speaking of situation...