3 reasons the Miami Dolphins can win the Super Bowl and 1 reason they won't

The Miami Dolphins haven't won the Super Bowl since 1974. This might be the best chance this franchise has had to lift the Lombardi Trophy in almost 50 years.

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
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1 reason the Dolphins won't win the Super Bowl: One injury away

The Dolphins have been here before. They tried to win a playoff game with Skylar Thompson last season. Injuries have been a big part of the Dolphins history. They are constantly dealing with them. This season, the injuries haven't been as devastating. The Jalen Ramsey injury hurt, but he's already back.

The Dolphins are so reliant on stars that losing one ends their chances. The obvious one is Tua Tagovailoa. Mike White joined Miami in the offseason, and he's at least better than Thompson, but that's still an insane dropoff from starter to backup.

Even at the other offensive positions, an injury would hurt. The offensive line has played well, but losing someone like Terron Armstead would put Tagovailoa in danger. Losing either Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle puts the Dolphins in a bind. Cedrick Wilson Jr. and Braxton Berrios would be such an insane drop-off and might change the scope of this offense. Mostert is also important because Achane hasn't been great as an every-down back.

On defense, losing either Bradley Chubb, Xavien Howard, or Jalen Ramsey would put that unit behind the 8-Ball. There isn't a good replacement for them. Injuries have to be the scariest thing for this team. It could turn them from a Super Bowl contender to a team with no aspirations.

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