Micah Parsons injury update has Cowboys fans in tears for no good reason

The Cowboys avoided a serious injury scare with Micah Parsons in Week 4's game against the Patriots.

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys
Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Cowboys star Micah Parsons exited the second quarter of Sunday's game against the Patriots after appearing to pick up an injury.

In the video replay, it looked as though Parsons stepped while he was off-balance and turned awkwardly. Some on Twitter speculated that the pass-rusher had picked up a left knee injury; Parsons was spotted limping off the field and barely putting any weight on his left leg.

After the Cowboys lost corner Trevon Diggs to a season-ending injury, it's understandable that fans may have immediately gasped in shock and horror. Micah Parsons out for the season? Could the football gods be any meaner?

Parsons was briefly examined by the team medical staff and entered the blue tent for further evaluation. Cowboys fans only had to hold their breath for a few short snaps, as Parsons was spotted walking back out onto the sidelines without a noticeable limp. He spent some time on the bike before re-entering the game.

Breathe, Dallas. Breathe.

With the Cowboys up 31-3 against the Pats, maybe Dallas sits Parsons just in case. But for now, the injury scare alarm has gone silent. Parsons will be okay.

Cowboys fans hyperventilate after Micah Parsons injury scare

Still, in the short window of time between Parsons' exit and his return to the game, Cowboys fans felt the whole spectrum of emotions.

The Cowboys already have this game in the bag with the Patriots trotting out their backups late in the third quarter. Dallas should bubble-wrap Parsons for the rest of the game for his sake and for their fans' mental health.

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