Micah Parsons spent Super Bowl Sunday giving Jerry Jones his Cowboys wishlist

Micah Parsons told Jerry Jones what he thinks the Cowboys defense needs more of. Will he listen?

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Dallas Cowboys are approaching a challenging period when it comes to building a team capable of fighting for an NFL title. Dallas has drafted extremely well and kept its team stockpiled with youth, but much of their hits are now aging up. Dallas needs to make several obvious extensions, and those will be pricy.

That, ultimately, gives them fewer dollars to work with under the salary cap structure to build a winning team.

Yet, the Cowboys were not good enough last year, bounced in the Wild Card round to the supposedly inferior Green Bay Packers. Adjustments are necessary, and anything less than that will not be seen as acceptable unless the game-planning and schematics are several orders better in 2024 than they were in 2023.

Micah Parsons knows that, and was in Jerry Jones's ear in his luxury box at the Super Bowl telling him what he felt the Cowboys should add.

Micah Parsons gave Jerry Jones his wishlist on Super Bowl Sunday

On a recent podcast, defensive star Micah Parsons told Stephen A. Smith of ESPN that Cowboys owner Jones invited Parsons (and four of his friends) to his luxury suite at Allegiant Stadium for the game. He also said that he and Jones spent the entire first half talking shop and what the Cowboys needed to improve.

"I told Jerry, I said, 'Look at every team that kinda, was in that final four, who did they have? ... Who did Baltimore have? A great linebacker crew, right? Who did San Fran have? Great linebacker crew ... I said we need to get us another, we need to get another bigger linebacker whose going to come [downhill]. And I said we need to get a super, 330 [pound] nasty interior."

So, two requests from Parsons, but both relate to size. A downhill running linebacker and a big defensive tackle. Parsons went on to call the existing defense "slim." He said he felt the way Chris Jones was undeniable in the Super Bowl and playoff run was evidence of what Dallas is missing.

The financial situation for the Cowboys doesn't exactly allow them to go out and sign whoever they want. They're about $20 million over the cap currently, though $60 million of that is a cap hit to Dak Prescott's deal that is likely to get restructured in some sort of way.

The draft is available to them, where the Cowboys have five picks, including one in the first three rounds, but finding a game-ready prospect is always easier said than done. That in mind, the Cowboys have done great at identifying talent in the incoming classes in recent history, so perhaps that's their best bet...

If nothing else, for Cowboys fans it's ideal to have a young star in Parsons who is skilled, competitive, and engaged enough to be thinking about how the team, not just himself, can upgrade and better prep for a hopeful Super Bowl.

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