J.J. McCarthy sends message to NCAA arriving at Michigan season opener

Check out Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy wearing a "Free Harbaugh" shirt before Week 1.
J.J. McCarthy, Michigan Wolverines
J.J. McCarthy, Michigan Wolverines / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy is not pleased that his head coach Jim Harbaugh has to miss the first three games of the season due to a self-imposed suspension over hamburgers.

While Jim Harbaugh enjoys his first of three burger parties away from the Michigan football program, he is on the mind of all of his players, especially his star quarterback J.J. McCarthy.

Ahead of their Week 1 home game vs. the East Carolina Pirates, McCarthy wore a special shirt he made for his head coach, depicting the phrase "Free Harbaugh". As a person who once wore a similar shirt to a high school pep rally after my friend got banned from them for being a total a*****e, I can understand where McCarthy is coming from. I don't trust authority either, as the NCAA is worthless.

Let's just hope Harbaugh took a look up from his warm pint of 2-percent to see this slick shirt, bro!

Here is to Michigan putting a 50-burger on East Carolina to honor their coach who cannot be there.

I mean, he was quite literally slain by a cheeseburger, so Harbaugh's boys lined up as tribute to him.

The only things I have ever seen more spectacular in my entire life are Derek Zoolander's Magnum and when Gordon Bombay's Mighty Ducks first hit that Flying V. Ducks fly together. Wolverines eat!

J.J. McCarthy rocks a "Free Harbaugh" shirt ahead of Michigan game

When I have to explain to my future grandchildren that were born on the moon, because we all live there by in 2075, about why Jim Harbaugh didn't coach the first three games in 2023, I will say it was about something we used to eat called burgers. He gave these delectable meat concoctions to prospective recruits for free when they needed to pay for the meat sleeves themselves. So stupid!

Truth be told, there will be legends written about the brave Wolverines like McCarthy who had to go out and conquer the likes of East Carolina, UNLV and Bowling Green anyway without the childlike enthusiasm from their favorite khaki-wearing head coach. I mean, Harbaugh is the best thing to happen to Michigan since Charles Woodson, so I can totally understand his absence being felt.

We can only hope that the NCAA actually does what it is designed to do (what is that?) and not "fine" McCarthy for expressing his opinion on a Michigan-branded athletic shirt. This is college football after all, a sport where the youths keep it fresh for the rest of us. Oh, to be 20-something again. To eat and drink whatever I want without consequences, but not have a fully formed brain yet. Good times!

Whether it be shirt or unorthodox formations, I am 100 percent here for the Wolverines on Saturday.

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