3 Michigan players who could enter the transfer portal with Jim Harbaugh leaving them

Michigan just lost its head coach Jim Harbaugh to the NFL. It might lose star players to the portal.

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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1. Mason Graham will have so much SEC interest in the transfer portal

With Harbaugh going back to the NFL, defensive lineman Mason Graham is the one everybody wants to enter the transfer portal. He was such an integral part of the vaunted Michigan pass rush a season ago. For a program that has given us Aidan Hutchinson, David Ojabo and Mazi Smith, Graham certainly shined in his breakout season for the Wolverines. Again, other teams will want him so badly.

Because he is not a native Michigander, that makes it even more likely he could leave. The native Angeleno could go even if Jesse Minter were to somehow stay. I don't think Minter is staying at all, but nothing is official until it is. I think the same teams who would be interested in adding Donovan Edwards out of the transer portal are going to want to take a crack at adding Graham this offseason.

Georgia getting Graham would not be fair. You would have him playing off Nazir Stackhouse and Mykel Williams in the trenches. Goodnight, SEC. And if Ole Miss were to somehow land him, we would have to take the Rebels very seriously as a real threat to win the expanded College Football Playoff. Graham playing off Walter Nolen is beyond frightening. Keep in mind Lane Kiffin is a portal wizard.

Graham is just like Edwards and Johnson in this. They may want to stay, but NIL money might talk.

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