Michigan State analyst suggests the worst possible Mel Tucker replacement

Hiring Urban Meyer to replace Mel Tucker would indicate the Michigan State football program is the most toxic place on Earth. The Spartans need to go with someone of high character right now.

Mel Tucker, Michigan State Spartans
Mel Tucker, Michigan State Spartans / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

While Michigan State should do everything in its power to find the right long-term fit to replace Mel Tucker, it absolutely cannot be Urban Meyer for so many reasons.

Meyer may be one of the best college football head coaches of his generation, but his last three coaching exits have not exactly been clean. Since leaving Utah for Florida, Meyer has earned his reputation of being an outstanding winner, but a slimy individual. With Tucker about to be fired for sexual harassment, yeah, let's bring in the guy who came to make a bang at a Columbus chop house.

While Michigan State analyst Justin Spiro may want the Spartans to get the best coaching candidate possible, Meyer cannot go to East Lansing. Not after Tucker, and definitely not after Larry Nassar...

Though Michigan State is a program where you can theoretically contend for College Football Playoff berths and Big Ten championships, the worst head coach in NFL history cannot lead the Spartans.

Michigan State analyst suggests Urban Meyer should replace Mel Tucker

Admittedly, the Michigan State job is not as good as it was only two years ago. Tucker won double-digit games and the Peach Bowl over Pitt in 2021. He got a mega deal he totally didn't deserve by riding the coattails of Kenneth Walker III all the way to the bank. Typically, Michigan State is a job where top-tier coordinators or lower-tier Power Five head coaches gravitate to. Not any more, man...

Michigan State may have boosters out the wazoo now, but the Spartans have to get back to what made them good under Tucker's predecessor, Mark Dantanio. He won prolifically with defense, player development and recruiting the Midwest to perfection. It is why Dantonio is a hall-of-fame-level head coach. The question is if anyone out there besides Meyer could potentially become that for Sparty.

I mean, you could try to bring back Dantanio Bill Snyder style, but why? He mailed it in after Michigan State's lone playoff berth in 2015. You could look at someone like Texas defensive coordinator Jeff Choate or Toledo head coach Jason Candle for the gig. Heck, would Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell leave Ames for East Lansing after his coaching stock has taken so many massive hits?

Ultimately, Michigan State is too proud of a program and has too good of a fanbase to cut corners like they would with Meyer. They are not that desperate. Could Meyer return to coaching? Sure, but he is only going to a blue-blood like Texas should Steve Sarkisian fail. That does not seem like that will happen. However, if Michigan State becomes Big Ten Auburn, then yes, definitely go hire Meyer now!

At this time, I think alienating more and more people is the last way to go about it for Michigan State.

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