Mike McDaniel's reason for early Germany arrival will have Dolphins fans hyped

It is abundantly clear that the Miami Dolphins have a very special head coach in Mike McDaniel.

Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins
Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As if you needed another reason to like Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, you need to hear what he told the NFL media during his pre-production meeting earlier this week from Germany. It will be a clash of AFC titans, as the 6-2 Dolphins will take on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, who are also 6-2. The winner of this game could gain home-field advantage.

In a lengthy video clip, Rich Eisen of The NFL Network talked about how moving of a pre-production meeting McDaniel had with the media and those calling the game. He talked about how much he loved Tua Tagovailoa and how much he related to him on a personal level. We know that McDaniel is smart and a brilliant play-caller, but we wondered how he would relate to full-grown men with families.

Clearly, he is the connective tissue within the Dolphins organization. Just an incredibly likeable guy that everyone will want to run through a brick wall for. So when it comes to why the Dolphins arrived in Germany so early, it has everything to do with getting such a necessary team rep in. This is all about treating Germany like a dress rehearsal of sorts for the Super Bowl, the Dolphins' ultimate 2023 goal!

"In ultimate success, you need to be able to run your system remotely … you don’t want your first reps running your system remotely to be the Super Bowl.”

Here is the clip of Eisen speaking glowingly about McDaniel. This quote comes from the final minute.

It is still early in year two for McDaniel at the helm of Miami, but he is really starting to separate.

Mike McDaniel's logic about going over to Germany is incredibly sound

Look. It does not matter if the Dolphins beat the Chiefs in Germany because of this early arrival. It is about getting the necessary rep that most contending teams fail to realize is even there. We roughly have 3-5 international games a year, meaning neutral-site affairs for about 6-10 teams. Odds are, a few of them will be playoff-caliber and possibly good enough to play for championships.

To even get to the Super Bowl is a massive accomplishment for any franchise, but to win one puts you and the entire franchise in rarified air. The Dolphins won a few Super Bowls way back in the day under the iconic Don Shula, but rampant dysfunction since Dan Marino retired have resulted in the Dolphins winning a single playoff game since 2000. They have only qualified for the playoffs four times since...

Truth be told, I would expect for the Chiefs to come out with a crashing sense of urgency vs. Miami. Not only is a very important game for both teams, but Kansas City looked like trash vs. the Denver Broncos last week in defeat. It may take a total team effort for the Dolphins to beat the Chiefs, but McDaniel is doing everything in his part to give his team their best shot at success vs. Kansas City.

This man is only two years into his head-coaching career, but his brilliance is simply undeniable.

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