Mike Norvell eviscerates College Football Playoff after Florida State gets snubbed

I don't think Mike Norvell has been more mad in his entire life then right after his Florida State Seminoles got totally screwed over by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee Sunday.

Mike Norvell, Florida State Seminoles
Mike Norvell, Florida State Seminoles / James Gilbert/GettyImages

To say Florida State head coach Mike Norvell is absolutely furious at the College Football Playoff Selection Committee would be putting it lightly. Despite going 12-0 during the regular season, including two Power Five wins away from Tallahassee over LSU and Florida, and winning the ACC Championship over Louisville, his Florida State Seminoles will have to settle for their bludgeoning vs. the Georgia Bulldogs in the Orange Bowl.

Unprecedented would be doing this a disservice. There were six teams alive for playoff inclusion entering Saturday, seven if you thought Ohio State had a shot. The Buckeyes did not. While the two other undefeated Power Five champions in Michigan and Washington were shoe-ins, Florida State had to duke it out with Georgia, Alabama and Texas for the final two spots. The latter two both got in...

Without question, the Selection Committee's decision to leave the 'Noles out despite being a 13-0 Power Five champion is the greatest travesty ever committed by the College Football Playoff in a lot of people's eyes. The great debate betweeen four best teams and most deserving reached its conclusion. At the end of the day, the CFP is a television show and a depleted FSU team will not rate.

As a surprise to absolutely no one, Norvell went on a rant for the ages about Florida State's plight.

Deserving, yes. 100 percent. But four best teams. Not a chance, as Florida State is a different team with Jordan Travis and Tate Rodemaker out at quarterback. That was the CFP's determining factor.

Mike Norvell obliterates College Football Playoff for Florida State's snub

While this absolutely sucks for Florida State because this is not their fault, I am going to say what everyone is thinking. TCU getting blown out in the national championship to Georgia a year ago, combined with Cincinnati getting cooked by Alabama in the Cotton Bowl in 2021 killed the most deserving vs. best four teams debate. This is a television show, and viewers want the best four teams.

Had Travis not broken his leg, Florida State might be the No. 3 seed. If Rodemaker did not get hurt either, the 'Noles may have gotten in over Alabama. However, the quarterback play of Brock Glenn vs. Louisville was all the Selection Committee needed to see. Michigan would have done unspeakable things to Florida State in the Rose Bowl, the kind of stuff you would have to put behind a paywall.

Ultimately, I totally understand why Norvell is this upset and why Florida State fans should be furious over being left out. However, we all knew this was coming because of what happens when you prioritize the most deserving over the four best teams. Fortunately, we do not have to worry about this anymore. We are going to a 12-team format next year with plenty of AQ and at-large spots available.

Let's just be thankful that we do not use the old BCS system, as that would have been a catastrophe.

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