Mike Tomlin puts Kenny Pickett on the chopping block in latest Steelers press conference

Mike Tomlin going with Mason Rudolph over Kenny Pickett in Week 18 says everything you need to know about the Pittsburgh Steelers as a franchise and why they need to make a big change or two.

Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers
Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

Another year, another winning season for Mike Tomlin. The Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach has made a career out of this. Oh, he will get you nine wins every regular season, alright, but one of the NFL's greatest franchises continue to underachieve for their lofty standard under him, especially in the postseason. Feeling cocky, Tomlin is going with Mason Rudolph over Kenny Pickett for Week 18.

I understand the move. Rudolph is the more experienced quarterback, and quite frankly, the better player, over Pickett. Since the Steelers are still alive for the postseason, Tomlin needs to give his team the best shot at winning on Sunday. The problem with that is next year will likely end up more of the same in Pittsburgh, featuring a team that underperforms because of its head coach and quarterback.

It is a short-sided move to say the least. Oh, it does have upside, as Rudolph can guide the Steelers into the playoffs and maybe win a game there if he is lucky. Unfortunately, keeping Pickett on the bench kills his potential trade value, as well as signifies that he is not even Devlin "Duck" Hodges in the pantheon of Steelers quarterbacking greats. The Steelers are in need of a facelift so very badly.

With Sunday's season finale being vs. the top-seeded arch rival Baltimore Ravens, good luck to yinz!

The only person to blame for the Steelers' current predicament would be that of their head coach.

Mike Tomlin going with Mason Rudolph over Kenny Pickett in Week 18

I cannot recall another team like this in the NFL, but I think there are parallels to the NBA's Indiana Pacers and the NHL's St. Louis Blues during my formative years in the 2000s. Like Pittsburgh, Indiana and St. Louis refused to bottom out. They were either always in the playoffs or the playoff mix, never winning championships, but never picking inside the top 10 in draft either. They defined mediocrity.

While Indiana has not reached the summit since, St. Louis did in the Blues' "Gloria" singing ways a few years back. The Steelers can afford to rebuild because of the equity their patient fanbase has in them. The problem is that Tomlin hates to lose, even if he sometimes is the one who holds his team back. The fact Tomlin is punting on Pickett at the end of year two for him out of Pitt says everything.

What I would do if I were the Steelers is to try like hell to beat the Ravens on Sunday. Assuming they come up short, I would put all of my eggs into the quarterback draft basket again. Guys like Michigan's J.J. McCarthy, Oregon's Bo Nix and Washington's Michael Penix Jr. can be had in the middle part of the first round. I would move off Pickett, maybe even consider trading Tomlin away.

The sooner the Steelers accept that they have to hit the reset button, the brighter their future will be.

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