MLB Insider: 5 teams that have the most to accomplish in free agency

With the MLB offseason moving slowly, here are five teams that have the most to accomplish before Opening Day.

Chicago Cubs Introduce Shōta Imanaga
Chicago Cubs Introduce Shōta Imanaga / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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Los Angeles Angels

There is no denying that the Angels are worse now than they were entering the offseason. Losing Shohei Ohtani, the best player in baseball, is a crushing blow. There’s no way around that.

The Angels have spent the majority of the offseason being open to anything and everything, exploring the infield, outfield, bullpen and rotation markets. They want to improve and so far, have added complementary pieces on offense and spent the bulk of their money on pitching (Robert Stephenson, Matt Moore, among others).

I don’t anticipate the Angels being done, but as of right now, a big move involving Bellinger or Snell feels unlikely unless the price comes down.

Texas Rangers

The Rangers’ inclusion on this list is interesting, but coming off the World Series appearance, their only move this winter can’t be David Robertson.

A primary reason for their inactivity is the lack of a TV deal. Once that’s settled, then they can pivot to free agency – and a name that makes so much sense for them is Jordan Montgomery. He’s a player who thrived in Texas after a midseason trade. He pitched big, meaningful innings in the postseason. He loved being in Texas with the Rangers.

A reunion makes so much sense for both sides, and is one thing I’m watching for between now and Opening Day.