MLB Rumors: 3 best trade packages the Yankees can make for Juan Soto

With Juan Soto on the trading block, the New York Yankees are a team that is well positioned to make a play for him. These three trade packages could make sense.

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3. Juan Soto and Ha-Seong Kim for Nestor Cortes, Austin Wells, and Oswald Peraza

This might be the most outlandish proposal of them all. However, it could end up being very well-balanced.

For the Padres, it could add some insurance at the catcher position. Austin Nola is a free agent, but in case Luis Campusano doesn't pan out, Wells could be a solid backup.

Cortes would give San Diego a front-of-the-rotation starter if they are unable to re-sign Blake Snell. Granted, they don't have any holes right now in their infield, but if the Yankees demand someone like Ha-Seong Kim along with Soto, they could send Oswald Peraza the Padres way.

As for the Yankees, their lineup would obviously grow even stronger. They would be adding two very dangerous hitters while also making a play to contend for a World Series crown in 2024. It would almost give them a fresh look as they try to bounce back from a disappointing 2023 season.

This is another deal that could benefit both sides in the long run. The Winter Meetings are fast approaching, so fans should expect Soto to be dealt somewhere else between now and the end of the meetings.

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